Results Driven isn't like a gym...

It's a learning experience geared to get you results. 

Real People. Real Stories.

"I always felt like I wasn’t really in shape, so was inspired to try RD because it was different than all of the other gyms."

Kathy of Monroe

"I just look at my wife and my two daughters, who are what I live for. And that's what working out means to me. Stay here for a while, enjoy life, enjoy your family, and move forward."

Wilson of Monroe

"I’m a better person when get home and walk through that door after coming to RD because I’ve taken an hour out of the day for myself."

Jodi of Central Valley

In Your First 7 Days We'll Help You...

Set a baseline!

Make time for fitness!

Exercise, safely!

Learn lean eating habits!

Real People. Real Results.

7 Days of Fitness Includes:

UNLIMITED TEAM TRAINING: Our high energy group classes that combine cardio and weight training.

UNLIMITED SMALL GROUP TRAINING SESSIONS: Our version of personal training gives members access to true strength training. You'll improve movement and get strong at the same time.

FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN: The FMS is our magic bullet. This assessment helps us understand how you move so we can keep you safe and get you strong.

A ONE-ON-ONE GOAL SETTING SESSION: We need to set a clear goal. Without one, it's harder to feel accomplished. Work with your coaches to choose attainable, measurable goals.

SUPPORT FROM A LIKE-MINDED COMMUNITY: The RD community is what sets us apart. Our members are encouraging and make the gym an inviting, friendly place to improve your life!

JOIN THE RD FAMILY FREE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! Once you experience RD, you we hope to earn your trust enough to help you along the rest of your fitness journey. If you decide to join, you won't pay until January!

Real People. Real Stories.

“After a year of coming to RD, I know that I have more control over my health than I ever have, and I feel better…”

Samantha of Monroe

“Everyday stuff is easier now. I can shoot up a flight of stairs at work and I’m not winded by the time I get up there.”  

Joe of Warwick 

“I was just fat and unhappy, basically. I own that and finally decided I need to do something about this.”

Kathleen of Monroe

7 Days of First Class Training for Free!

You won't find a staff more committed to getting you results than at Results Driven. If you've been in a health and fitness funk, sign-up NOW! Make a change for free and get ready to be in the best shape of your life!

Email: info.resultsdriven@gmail.com

Phone: 845.238.5054