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Myth #1: Diets Work

  • Trendy diets don't work because people want fast results and don't have a long-term support strategy.
  • If you want to change your Results, change your focus to healthy eating habits.
  • Knowing what to do is only the first step. Next, make the habit a part of your life.
  • Most diets cut calories - we want you to learn to control them. Eat until you're 80% full and every 2-4 hours to own the calories.  

Myth #2: You Can Spot Reduce Fat

  • Everybody has a “problem area” that they want to change but the fact is that you can’t spot reduce.
  • Everybody is predisposed to lose fat in different areas in a certain order, and it’s different for each person.
  • It’s natural to be self conscious or aware of your “problem areas”, especially as they seem to become more apparent when other areas drop fat first.
  • This is why we need to put strategies in place to make sure you can have a true assessment of progress.  

Myth #3: Strength Training Can Make You Bulky

  • You can’t change your body type, but you can optimize your body composition based on your body type.
  • Resistance training is the most effective way to burn fat, increase metabolism, and reverse the effects of aging, or at least slow it down.
  • Lean body mass has been shown to combat obesity, battle disease, fortify strong bones, protect against insulin resistance, and increase energy.
  • We can’t guarantee resistance training will increase the length of your life, but it's a good way to increase the quality of the time you have.

Myth #4: No Pain, No Gain

  • This is the most dangerous of the 5 myths because it can lead to injury.
  • Learn to distinguish between discomfort and pain: Soreness is acceptable, but if you feel any pain, pinch, or discomfort in a joint, talk to a coach.
  • Pain is not weakness leaving the body. It’s a signal that something is wrong.
  • Just because your knee hurts doesn't necessarily mean you're injured. You may simply need to find a different way to train your lower body.


Myth #5: You Don't Have Enough Time

  • Determine how much time you actually need. Some movement is better than no movement.
  • If you did 100 workouts in the next year, do you think you’d be in better shape than you are now? It’s only 2 workouts per week.
  • If your workouts are programmed appropriately, you can get a lot done in 30-50 minutes.
  • Get strong, identify your weak points, improve your weak points, and then repeat.  


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Real People. Real Stories.

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