The 30-Day Kickstart is Your Fitness Solution!

Year after year people have a hard time making fitness a part of their lives. We're here to help our community get stronger and healthier!

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Experience everything Results Driven has to offer. 

Try Results Driven risk-free and enjoy a personalized experience, talk nutrition and set a plan for success. 

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In The First 30 Days We'll Help You...

Make time for fitness!

In your first month, we'll help you troubleshoot your schedule. Together, we can build a fitness routine that you can sustain over time! 

Exercise, safely!

When you initially meet with an RD Coach, we'll put you through a movement assessment. This helps us understand how you move to make your workouts safe and effective.

Set a baseline!

We want to measure success in the first month. By tracking movement and body composition we can tell how far you've come in 1 month!

Learn the basics!

Make the first month about learning the foundation for healthy eating. By learning the simple stuff the more complex strategies later on are more likely to stick and be effective!

30 Day Kickstart Includes:

*UNLIMITED TEAM TRAINING: Our high energy group classes that combine cardio and weight training.

*8 SMALL GROUP TRAINING SESSIONS: Our version of personal training gives members access to true strength training. You'll improve movement and get strong at the same time.

*FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN: The FMS is our magic bullet. This assessment helps us understand how you move so we can keep you safe and get you strong.

*A ONE-ON-ONE GOAL SETTING SESSION: We need to set a clear goal. Without one, it's harder to feel accomplished. Work with your coaches to choose attainable, measurable goals.

*SUPPORT FROM A LIKE-MINDED COMMUNITY: The RD community is what sets us apart. Our members are encouraging and make the gym an inviting, friendly place to improve your life!

All for only $69!

Real People. Real Results.

30 Days of First Class Training for $69


You won't find a staff more commited to getting you results than at Results Driven. If you've been in a health and fitness funk, sign-up NOW! Make a change for less than $3 a day and get ready to be in the best shape of your life!


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