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Get Healthy!

"Workouts are different every week. It’s a lot of different muscles being worked. I definitely feel like I’m getting a good workout. I feel a lot stronger." - Gene of Monroe

Get Fit!

"I’m getting stronger. I’m lifting. I move better. I walk up stairs better. I have more energy! My husband said, 'You are never quitting RD. I’ve never seen results like this before.'” - Karen of Monroe



15 Day Kickstart includes:

*UNLIMITED TEAM TRAINING: Our high energy group classes that combine cardio and weight training.

*4 SMALL GROUP TRAINING SESSIONS: Our version of personal training gives members access to true strength training. You'll improve movement and get strong at the same time.

*FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN: The FMS is our magic bullet. This assessment helps us understand how you move so we can keep you safe and get you strong.

*A ONE-ON-ONE GOAL SETTING SESSION: We need to set a clear goal. Without one, it's harder to feel accomplished. Work with your coaches to choose attainable, measurable goals.

*BODY COMPOSITION MEASUREMENTS: Our fancy scale measures water, muscle and body fat to give us a clear picture of how your body's changing and allows us to coach you more effectively towards success! 

*SUPPORT FROM A LIKE-MINDED COMMUNITY: The RD community is what sets us apart. Our members are encouraging and make the gym an inviting, friendly place to improve your life!

All for only $69!

Real People. Real Results.

"I chose more performance based goals, and since I started, I’ve either met or exceeded all of the original goals I set." 

Jess of Cornwall

"Everyday stuff is easier now. I can shoot up a flight of stairs at work and I’m not winded by the time I get up there."

Joe of Monroe

"RD is like no other gym out there is my personal opinion. Even though you are working out in a group you always get that one on one coaching from all the coaches. RD is helping me become healthy , fit and strong both physically and mentally!" - Krista of Monoe

"Results Driven is the real deal, and for me was a game changer. You start off in an ultra-positive atmosphere that is friendly to all, no matter what your fitness level. The best part is it's fun, friendly on the joints, and I leave there feeling like a million bucks." - Frank of Monroe

"I love going to Results Driven Fitness. The trainers are great at making sure we do things right to avoid injury and maximize our strength building. They're really nice people too. My workouts are tough and I always feel great afterwards." - Sue of Monroe 

Why Results Driven?

 Crazy Community + Expert Training

The Land of Misfit Gym-Goers

Results Driven is a special place. It's truly a "judgement-free zone." The community here is very supportive of everyone's individual goal.

On top of that, we layer expert coaching, keeping members safe, and allowing them to learn and grow as students of strength. It's like no other gym in Orange County!

Try Results Driven for 15 days and get ready to change your life!